Essential Oil Comparison: Why Choose?

January of this year, we decided to get healthy—I know, very original. It all started with Whole30, which I recommend to anyone who needs a factory reset in the whole healthy eating world. I could go on, but that’s a different story.

Today, I want to chat about oils.

A great friend of mine introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils a few months ago. She’s a die hard fan, in fact a lot of people are. But, being the ever-sketical, over-analytical, data-craving person I am, I couldn’t just take it at face value. I needed to understand why.

Why is Young Living so far superior? What do they really have to offer above and beyond the other companies I came across? And, can an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company really be the best (and only) solution?
So, I started the hunt for more. And let me just say, it was NOT easy. There are so many freaking options. And so LITTLE real data. I’m all for good marketing (I mean that’s what I do for a living), but I need some third party information. I want first had experiences. I want to know why I should try another brand. In fact, I think this is why Young Living is so damn good at what they do (and why MLM organizations work at all). 

Anyways, all of that to say, I am going to be testing the waters and trying a few other brands. Disclaimer: I am not licensed, certified, or in any way otherwise qualified to advise you in one way or another. However, I am a hardworking, analytical, data-driven woman and wife looking for better options for myself and my family.

Everything I find will be honest. Everything I find will be shared. I started this free WordPress blog to chronicle what I find, because I know so many of you have asked. I might decide to keep it after, I might not. This is basically our journey to Growing Better. In the end, I may find that Young Living (or doTERRA) really is the best option. In fact, part of me hopes that is the case. But, before that I want to know the truth.

All of that to say, it’s about to get a lot more oily around here, and I can’t wait. So far on the agenda we have:

I may add a few more as I continue the research, and I will keep you updated each step of the way! My goal is to purchase or acquire similar oils from each company. I will test what can be tested (more on that coming soon!), and compare what I find from personal use and make my decision (for myself and my family) from there!

Have a favorite company I didn’t mention? Let me know, I want to try as many as possible. My only requirements for testing are that they answer these questions (and there are wrong answers!):

  1. How do they define 100% pure?
  2. What is their distillation process?
  3. How to they acquire their oils?

Let me know if you have one I should add to the list!

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