The challenge: Moldy Bread

Moldy bread test essential oil

So, if you’ve done any amount of essential oil reading or research, I’m sure you’ve heard about the moldy bread challenge. 

Basically, you take a piece of white sandwhich bread, place 1-2 drops of oil on the corner, and wait for the mold to grow. I’ve seen this commonly done in the YoungLiving groups that I am a part of. 

But, I’ve never seen it compared. I did find this comparison which I thought was very interesting, especially because it compared my top two oils (YL and Plant Therapy). 

Spoiler: she found that the oils both performed identically, killing (or just preventing) the bacteria. 

Even though I found her research to be solid, I couldn’t help but try one myself. Introducing: the bread challenge. 

I took two pieces of white bread, placed one drop of YoungLiving’s Thieves on the first piece, and one drop of Plant Therapy’s Germ Fighter on the other. (I know, so scientific)

Anyways, now we wait! I’ll be back to update when the mold starts to grow! For now, the only difference was that Thieves is much more neon in color, while Germ Fight can barely be seen on the bread. 

Anyone want to place their bet for the winner?! I’m pulling for Plant Therapy, but we shall see!

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