Why I’m loving Plant Therapy

Plant therapy review
I’m a researcher at heart. It’s in my nature to investigate. So when I started my journey into oils, the floodgates opened. 

I’m still looking into companies, but let me just say: I love Plant Therapy. Seriously. If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m not huge into the MLM companies. Not because their products are inferior, but because they claim to be the only solution. I just don’t buy that. I don’t buy the mentality that there is only one option, in fact it isn’t even logical. 

But that’s a post for another time. 

Today, I want to share a few reasons that I have fallen for Plant Therapy. Before I do, I will say that Plant Therapy isn’t the cheap option. In other words, this isn’t the $2.99 option. 

That’s because these are good oils, but I’ll get to that in a minute. 

Here are a few reasons I decided to try (and ultimately love) Plant Therapy:

They place safety first–every time. 

When I started digging into the available non-MLM essential oil companies, I noticed a few trends (some of which even occur within the MLM world). Most notable:

  1. The use of “neat” application
  2. Ingestion 

Neat application is the direct use of pure oils on the skin without a carrier oil or substance. This is generally considered bad practice in the aromatherapy world–and not because the oils aren’t “pure.” In fact, it’s because the oils are too pure. Though definitely more prevalent with some oils over others, the direct application of essential oils can cause a number of ailments, including irritation, rash, allergy and more. Needless to say, I find it suspect when any organization promotes this as a normal practice. It just isn’t true, or safe. I’m some cases, under the care of a professional, neat application may be recommended, but it is a far cry from something that the general public should be doing daily. 

The second questionable practice is ingestion. Though a semi-common practice in aromatherapy treatment plans, the more I researched ingestion, the more I knew I wasn’t comfortable with the practice outside of professionally guided care.  Even oils marked “safe for consumption” pose risks if used improperly. Essential oils are powerful (isn’t that how we all got wrapped up in this to begin with?). They should be used as minimally as possible, like any medication.  Any company that openly recommends consuming their oils or internal deserves a second, honest look. There are so many reported cases of injury and long term conditions driven by this practice. Do your research, don’t just listen to your unqualified friends (myself included). 

Plant Therapy initially won me over because of their complete transparency and urgency surrounding essential oil safety. Unlike other companies that seemed vague or blatantly recommended unsafe usage, Plant Therapy makes clear the guidelines and safe practices. This was huge for me, as a beginner in the essential oil world. 

They are working with the world renown leader in essential oils. 

When I first started researching companies, this point didn’t mean much to me. I’m not an aromatherapist (in fact two weeks ago I barely knew what that was). I had no measure on the pulse of the homeopathic medicine and aromatherapy world. However, as I dug into best practices, safety measures and what to look for, a few names were reoccurring. 

One of which was Robert Tisserand. Tisserand is  one of the leading minds in the aromatherapy world. Not only has he been practicing for nearly 50 years, but he has also been awarded a lifetime achievement award, and literally written the book on aromatherapy. He is an educator, consultant and international speaker in the field. He is unmatched in his experience, education and industry respect. 

He also has partnered with Plant Therapy. He specifically works with the company to ensure the quality and education surrounding their oils is world-class, and worked extensively with Plant Therapy to develop their full kidsafe line of products. 

They support their claims. 

Any company can tout the quality of their oils, but not all companies are prepared to support those claims with facts and measurements. 

Plant Therapy stands by the highest quality standards available. Taking time to invest in each of their farmers, distillers and suppliers. Not only do they know (and share) where each of their oils comes from, but they also test each batch independently both in house and by a third party quality testing facility. 

You can request an origins report and quality report for your oils at any time. 

They are really here to help. 

This could have been placed in the safety section, but I honestly think it stands alone. Plant Therapy works with a number of certified aromatherapists that are ready and willing to answer questions, by email, in their safe essential oil recipes Facebook group, or by phone support. 

Your questions can range from what to use to treat a certain ailment to how to mix oils safely. They are quick to respond, generally sending detailed information within 24 hours. And most importantly, they know their stuff. This isn’t just asking your unqualified friends (again, me) what they think is best, it’s actually receiving detailed information from a trained (and certified) professional–that’s huge for me. 

Though the jury is still out (re: mold test), these are just a few reasons that I will be continuing to use Plant Therapy in my home. 

But don’t you worry, I’m still testing around, in fact I want to tell you why I will continue to buy from Young Living too (bet you didn’t see that coming). So stay tuned. 

Are there any other brands you love? I’d like to try them out! Let me know below!

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