Review: Simply Bodhi

We’ve all seen the new pop up oil shops all over the Internet, but are they legit? What about their quality and testing standards?
I recently had a chance to try out some oils from Simply Bodhi, one of those shops. I also got to chat with their founder a bit about his process and vision.

Here’s our Q&A:

Tell a bit about your company and Why I should use it for my family?

Currently, all of our oils are 100% pure…meaning they are not diluted at all. These are high quality essential oils that I personally use daily (will get into this later).

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend using any essential oils topically or internally with children.

Kid’s safe essential oils are pretty much not buying essential oils. For example if you buy a 15ml bottle of lavender “kid safe” essential oil. You are pretty much buying 14.85ml of a carrier oil (coconut, jojoba, almond, etc..) with a few drops (0.15ml) of essential oils. Carrier oils are way cheaper than essential oils…So consumers are paying a lot of money for maybe $0.60 worth of product. To put that into perspective…All the bottles I sent you would have been full of jojoba oil with 6-10drops of essential oils in each one. 

If you have a diffuser…take a few drops of the grapefruit oil and diffuse it. If you don’t have a diffuser…add a few drops to boiling water and let the aroma fill the room. These oils are 100% pure and meant to be used by adding a few drops to a carrier oil for a massage or a few drops to a diffuser or a few drops to your DIY shampoo. 

How do you choose your distributors?

a) Simply Bodhi is about a brand and not me. But I went through a very long medical battle that almost took my life. I went down the road of seeing a ton of doctors and being pumped with toxic medications. It wasn’t until I took control of my health and the things I put on and in my body that I started to get better and eventually regain 100% health. I tell you this because I would never sell or back things that I personally don’t use. I look for distributors who are certified organic and don’t use synthetic chemicals or vegetable oil to dilute the oils. I make sure all my oils are steam distilled and the citrus oils are cold pressed. All the certified organic oils have been approved and have their certification.

b) Oils are sourced from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, India, Argentina, and Bulgaria…more to come.

What quality control metrics do you follow?

a) I personally package every bottle…so I am the quality control!

Do you partake in third party testing of your oils?

a) No

Why are all your oils priced the same / What makes your business different.

a) I am trying to build an ethical brand. Eventually, it’ll be more than essential oils. I am on a mission and believe there are healthier ways to live our lives. I know there are a lot of people struggling with healthy living. When it comes to health people are in pain…this pain is used to manipulate people into profits. Want to lose weight…there is a pill or a surgery for that. But that doesn’t solve the problem it just provides temporary aid and it’s the easy route for the big companies and the patient. So in the long run, big business gets rich and the patient suffers. Most medicines are derived from plants. They are the synthetic version of plants. Essential oils are the non-toxic solutions to many health ailments.

b) My pricing is to build a brand. I am not making money on my pricing structure currently but am trying to break into the market. The last two weeks I gave a way a free essential oil diffuser. I lost $10 per order in hopes to add more loyal clients.

c) I’m the little guy that cares about getting good quality products into the hands of our clients. I’m not an MLM selling for commissions over quality.


So, my thoughts. I think Simply Bodhi is a company founded out of genuine concern for offering healthy solutions to consumers. However, I have great concerns over the lack of third party testing, streamlined pricing and overall quality of the oils. 

Personally, I want to use oils that are proven, by testing, to be pure and chemically sound. Though the company may have great practices, their distributors may not, which would impact the overall quality of the oils. 

I did greatly appreciate the company’s hesitation towards using oils around children, though I disagree with their interpretation of “kidsafe” blends. 

As for the scents, some of them were vastly different than the Young Living and Plant Therapy versions, which is interesting. Though, some variation per batch is to be expected. 

Overall, the decision is yours. I will say the founder is genuine and kind, and I truly believe he wants to produce quality products. That being said, I likely will not be purchasing from this brand in the future, unless third party testing and analysis are provided. 

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